How To Know A Tornado Is Approaching?

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Are you curious about the warning signs of a tornado? You’ve landed the right place. This post is dedicated to its possible signs so that you can get prepared in advance. So, let’s start the discussion.

A Brief Introduction To Tornado

Tornados are a type of storms, but it’s violent by nature. It strikes by taking a form of a healthy amalgamation of rotating wind with thunderstorm clouds. A tornado takes the shape of a funnel and extends to the ground straight from the darkness. Without any doubt, storms can be called the most destructive natural calamity created by the atmosphere.

Although some tornados are incredibly mild and can perceive as strong winds, some of them are devastating. The latter ones destruct everything (homes and other structures) present in their way.

Are you living in a tornado-prone area? Take a look at the signs below and revise them frequently.

How To Know A Tornado Is Approaching?

How To Know A Tornado Is Approaching?

A Funnel-Shaped Rotating Cloud Is Moving Towards The Ground Right From A Thunderstorm

It’s one of the significant signs of a tornado. These kinds of storms need to generate in some place. So, if you observe a funnel-shaped cloud starts forming, be cautious!  From now onwards, keep checking the sky while weather starts getting rough being in a safe place.

A Dark And Often A Green Sky Tornado

Don’t mix it with Northern lights. Try to keep an eye to the skies in times of storm but from a completely safe place. Lots of hail from in thunderstorms linked with tornados. And then the rain starts to be moved to the reverse direction.

When the sunlight refracts away from the hail, a green tone forms in the sky, but, the air doesn’t get green every time. So, don’t panic if the atmosphere becomes exceptionally dark.

A Coming Cloud Of Debris Tornado

The funnel of a tornado isn’t always visible. But, you can perceive it to be one of the significant signs of this calamity once you notice a cloud of debris is approaching. It holds explicitly true if the cloud is coming at the ground level. You should execute all safety tips as soon as possible, as something hazardous can arrive shortly.

How To Know A Tornado Is Approaching?

How To Know A Tornado Is Approaching?

A Loud Roar And A Rain Of Debris

Are you listening to something like a freight train but no railroad is there nearby your location? It can be a sign that a tornado is approaching.

Such storms continuously rumble a train similarly. The wind velocities can contribute to other loud, prolonged sounds. Since tornados toss debris around the affected region and keep on smashing the same, different other noises will also be generated.

Moreover, if you notice strong winds are blowing nearby while pieces of debris are falling from skies like rain, you should prepare fast.

A Peculiar Calmness Following A Thunderstorm

Many times we hear that the calmness is the sign of an approaching storm. The same applies to tornados as well. A calm and clear sky can be a sign that hurricanes are in the way.

I hope the overall post was useful for you in realizing the signs of this destructive phenomenon. Now, it’s time to make a plan to save yourself and your near and dear ones during its strike.

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