How To Act During Fire Drill Exercise

How To Act During Fire Drill Exercise

It is mandatory to have fire drills in the offices, shopping centers, schools, residential apartments and in the buildings where a large number of people use to come and stay for long hours. This will teach to respond smartly when an undesired event occurs. It is necessary to remain cold-headed and act during the fire drill.

How To Act During Fire Drill Exercise
How To Act During Fire Drill Exercise

Respond To The Fire Alarm Wisely

Act During Fire Drill – Stay Calm

To stay calm and quiet in this unpleasant situation is essential. It will help you to make the right decision and act promptly to overcome the disaster. You can hear the instructions clearly if you stay quiet. It is necessary to remain stable during the whole time, not only in the beginning.

Treat The Drill As Real, Not As A Practice

Though it is training, don’t take it casually. If you learn the method properly, you will not panic if some emergency takes place. You can handle the situation bravely.

Act During Fire Drill – Respond Promptly

Don’t delay to respond after hearing the alarm. Keep whatever you were doing unfinished and return to the drill as soon as possible.

Shift Out Of The Building

Exit from the building following the nearest exit route. Whenever you change your residence or workplace, try to know the emergency exit route beforehand. Never use an elevator in case of a fire emergency. Always take the staircase.

Close The Door Where The Fire Is Spreading

If you were the last person to escape from the affected room, after getting out of it, close the door from outside. The flame will not rise much due to the absence of much oxygen, and the smoke will not reach the other rooms easily.

Act During Fire Drill – Keep The Lights On

Let the lights be on so that others could see the affected area and take initiatives accordingly.

How To Act During Fire Drill Exercise
How To Act During Fire Drill Exercise

How To Make The Way Of Moving Out Of The Building?

Follow The Nearest Exit Route

To evacuate the building, go out through the nearest exit. If you are not aware of the route, look for the “EXIT” indicator written in red (or green in the UK).

Check For Smoke And Heat

Before following a particular route, check whether heat is radiating or smoke is coming from there. If not, then go otherwise, follow another path.

Act During Fire Drill – Use Stairs

If any fire emergency happens, always use the staircase instead of the elevators. Leave the lifts for the use of firefighters to handle the unpleasant situation more efficiently.

Overcome The Smoke Cleverly

If you see smoke coming from your way, take an alternate route. If that is the only way to move out, crawl low to see better.

Act During Fire Drill – Move Out Soon

Keep The Sidewalks Clear

Leave the sidewalks clear for the firefighters and let them work without any unnecessary interruptions.

Go To A Safe Distance

If the building catches severe fire, it may hamper or even collapse. So, move to a far-flung place. Moreover, don’t go inside until any of the fire experts instruct to do so.

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