How Do Forest Fires Work?

How Do Forest Fires Work?

Forest fires are not necessarily man-made. They can happen anytime. Some are naturally caused and some are intentionally set. In either case, the effect is one that is completely devastating.

Forests have a natural capability to burn. That capability makes these forests, the greatest natural hazard a home, business, or neighborhood can face. Since many people are unaware of this fact, it is vital to know how these forests can go up in flames. Many people simply do not realize the severity of the damage these fires can cause. It is important for everyone to be aware of the potential effects of forest fires, especially when they occur in areas with high vegetation density.

How Do Forest Fires Work?
How Do Forest Fires Work?


The vegetation plays a large role in a forest. That vegetation is what actually fuels the forest fires. The very nature of fire is to take excess vegetation and burn it to the ground. Therefore, a fire is more effective when the vegetation is on fire.

Fires can be caused by a number of factors. There are natural ones and then there are man-made ones. When a fire occurs, it can start anywhere, in any type of vegetation.

Lightning Strikes – Forest Fires

Natural fires are generally produced by lightning strikes. However, the damage they do is limited. There are some fires that can quickly spread across a large area. Some of these areas can be the most damaging.

Fires that are caused by lightning can be devastating. For instance, lightning can ignite trees that have been left unattended. It is also common for lightning to strike power lines and start fires. Since many homes, businesses, and neighborhoods use electricity, the effects of lightning can be devastating.

In addition, lightning can start small fires. These are easily contained because there is not a lot of vegetation to carry the sparks around. However, lightning can sometimes cause a fire to move quickly through a large area and begin to burn the vegetation much faster.

Lightning Strikes On Power Lines

When lightning strikes on power lines, a fire can spread rapidly from one area to another. This is because the fuel has an immediate source of ignition, and it has a wide base to which it can move.

Vegetation can be quickly consumed by fire. It can also become permanently burned by the fire. Any vegetation that remains after the fire has been extinguished can take months to recover. Therefore, preventing such fires from occurring at all is crucial.

How Do Forest Fires Work?
How Do Forest Fires Work?

Another thing that makes a fire so dangerous is the spreading of embers. These embers can fly about and other light areas on fire. The areas where the embers have flown can also carry embers throughout the entire forest. This makes things worse than they were original. It can take some time to put out a fire because the more embers there are flying about, the more damage is done.

If you live in a large area of forest, your risk of being struck by a wildfire increases dramatically. You should have an alarm system installed in your home. When you hear the alarms, you should immediately take action to protect your family and property.

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