Essential Tips To Survive A Strong Earthquake

Tips for ensuring your safety during a strong earthquake.


Surviving a strong earthquake is a tough ordeal. But with the help of little knowledge and being aware of a couple of precautionary measures will increase your chances of surviving a strong earthquake significantly.

The key to surviving a strong earthquake is through proper educations and preparation. Below are a couple of earthquake safety tips that will increase your chances of survival should you find yourself in such kind of situation. Be sure to read and keep the tips below to secure your safety in times of an earthquake.

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Things To Do Before The Earthquake

Essential Tips To Survive A Strong Earthquake
Essential Tips To Survive A Strong Earthquake
  • Learn to survive while the ground is shaking – This tip refers to what you should do during the earthquake which will be explained below. 
  • Educate all the members of the family about earthquake safety – Teaching all the members of the family about earthquake safety is a must. You need to teach them about what needs to be done during an earthquake and the dos and don’ts during an earthquake.
  • Don’t forget to stock up on emergency supplies – You also need to prepare emergency supplies in case of an earthquake. This will include batteries, blankets, flashlights, first aid kit, food and medical supplies, radio, and tools that are necessary for your survival after the earthquake.
  • Be sure to arrange your home with your safety in mind – Arrange your home’s interior with your safety in mind. For instance, the massive objects in your living room should be stored on lower shelves. The same goes for purposes that tend to break easily. Avoid hanging pictures, clocks, paintings, or large mirrors above where people sit or sleep frequently.
  • Secure heavy appliance and furniture – It’s best to secure your heavy appliances, bookcases, and furniture by anchoring them so they will stay in place even when the ground is shaking heavily during an earthquake.
  • Store flammable liquids properly – Be sure to keep away your flammable liquids from any potential ignition sources to prevent fires and explosions during an earthquake.

Things To Do During The Earthquake

Essential Tips To Survive A Strong Earthquake
Essential Tips To Survive A Strong Earthquake
  • If you are indoors – If you are indoors during an earthquake, don’t panic and stay inside. Find a sturdy desk or table where you can take cover for safety while it’s still shaking. Your goal is here to protect yourself from falling debris or objects during an earthquake. Avoid taking cover in places that are near hanging objects, large mirrors, heavy furniture or appliances, or windows.
  • If you are cooking – Turn off the stove quickly and find a table where you can safely take cover.
  • If you are outdoors – Quickly move to an open area where it is safe for you from falling objects. Move away quickly from buildings, trees, lamp posts, and power lines.
  • If you are driving – Slow down your car smoothly. Be sure to stop on the side of the road. Stay in your vehicle while the ground is still shaking. Don’t quit your car under bridges, overpasses, or anything that might collapse on you during the earthquake. 

Things To Do After The Earthquake

Essential Tips To Survive A Strong Earthquake
Essential Tips To Survive A Strong Earthquake
  • Check yourself for any injuries – If you find injuries, be sure to attend to it immediately before you attend to other people around you.
  • Check for damage – It’s best to go out after the earthquake especially if you are not sure if the building or your home is severely damaged. Don’t even attempt to go inside a building or your house after an earthquake. Has it inspected by professional first before you go inside?
  • If you smell or hear a gas leak – The gas leak might lead to an explosion so be sure to get everyone outside as fast as you can and open all the windows and doors of the building.
  • If the power is out – Unplug all appliance to avoid potential damage once the power turns back on. If there are frayed wires, sparks or hot insulation, turn off electricity through the breaker or main fuse box.

So that’s it! Be sure to follow these tips to ensure that you survive a strong earthquake. Keep in mind that earthquakes happen randomly. You can never predict when these things happen again, so be prepared at all times!

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