Disaster Preparedness: Ways To Prepare As Natural Disasters Hit

Disaster Preparedness: Ways To Prepare As Natural Disasters Hit

No matter in which country you live in, the disaster preparedness may become useful anytime. But most people either fail to prepare or don’t feel the need to prepare for a disastrous scenario. However, there is no place on the Earth, where no disaster can appear at any point in time. You will at least need some basic supplies for survival, and for that disaster preparedness is most important.

Most times, people shrug off the threat of any looming disaster, thinking that nothing can happen in their place. This process is extremely dangerous and can lead to bad consequences. There can be any disastrous situation that you may not have anticipated. So, your disaster preparedness will make or break your chance of survival if a disaster hits hard.

Effective Tips
Disaster Preparedness: Ways To Prepare As Natural Disasters Hit

Disaster Preparedness For Flooding

If there are any flooding warnings in your area, you better stay on higher grounds. In case you are in your home or office building, do not go out. Instead, climb up to the higher floor or take shelter in an established community center before time.

Floods can make drinking water contaminated. So, the water filter has to be in your emergency kit. With good quality, trusted water filters, you will be able to produce clean water until everything goes into a normal state. 

Life jackets, flashlights, and glow sticks are must-have kits besides the water filter. Without life jackets, anyone can get drown when the raging river sweeps them away. And as the flood hits, power cut is the first event that takes place to prevent electrocution. So, for night times, you will need a flashlight. With glow sticks, you can check the water levels just by cracking and dropping it in the rising water.

Preparing Yourself For Tornado

While you have to go on higher ground during a flood, it’s the opposite when the tornado is approaching. You should go to any underground place if there is an opportunity. Most homes in the states have a cellar, or there are bunkers near the homes in some places. If you can access any of the two, it will be great.

In case you are unable to go underground, you have to keep yourself in the distance from the windows and doors. Windows can break, shattering the glass panes all over the place. So, cover yourself with a blanket and get under sturdy furniture.

You have to stockpile on non-perishable foods and water that you can keep in your hiding place. It will be stupid to get trapped underground without water and food for some days.

preparing for natural disaster
Disaster Preparedness: Ways To Prepare As Natural Disasters Hit

Disaster Preparedness For Earthquakes

Is your area is prone to earthquakes? When the disaster hits and you are inside a building, get under strong furniture. When you are outside, you should not be near any building or trees. Stay on the clear space to keep yourself safe. As you find a safe place, do not move until shaking stops. In case you are not in a safe location, you better run towards it as fast as you can. Even when the mildest earthquake happens, you must be away from windows and walls. Always have first aid kit with you as you or others may need some patch-ups as anyone receives any serious injuries. Owning a splint in your survival kit may come handy in case of broken arms or legs. Always store air masks for the family because earthquake leaves concrete dust in the air. It will be great to have an air filtration device and goggles.

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