Cleaning Tent: Tips That Will Make Your Work Easier

Cleaning Tent: Tips That Will Make Your Work Easier

Unlike regular campers and pros, most people may not plan of cleaning tent after returning home. But, to keep the tent at its best condition for its next use, you have to clean the tent. Otherwise, the tent may retain the moldy smell of the wilderness. Applying the best method of cleaning the tent will ensure that it will be ready for your next set of adventures. 

Tips On Cleaning Tent

You might be thinking of throwing your tent in the washing machine. But, hold, do not do such thing or your tent might not survive long. When you are laundering your tent, it could stretch, or even the fabric can get a tear. Instead, you should be gentle with your tent when it comes to cleaning it.

Cleaning Tent: Tips That Will Make Your Work Easier
Cleaning Tent: Tips That Will Make Your Work Easier

Prep The Tent Before Cleaning

After your tent use in the wilderness, you should start prepping the tent for cleaning immediately. You have to unzip the tent coming out from it. After that, turn the tent inside out to shake it on the spot. It will remove loose debris or dust from the tent.

Spot Cleaning Tent

Areas that are extra dirty on your tent will need extra attention. Clean those areas with a cloth and use a little drop of dish soap. You shouldn’t use harsh cleaners like bleach, laundry pre-soaking products.

Soaking The Tent

If you have a bathtub or have a utility sink, fill it with lukewarm water. In the warm water, mix a cleaner that is specifically designed for outdoor gear. After that, immerse the tent keeping it inside-out and let it soak.

Rinsing For Cleaning Tent

After the soaking part, you have to drain the bathtub or sink of soap water and refill it with clean water. Then, rinse the inside out area and the outside of the tent. You must keep repeating the process until the soap from the tent is no more.

Dry The Tent

After washing the tent, you should not keep it under harsh sunlight to dry it off. It makes the fabric rough and fragile to acquire breakage or tear. Instead, pitch the tent inside a shaded outdoor spot for some hours.

Cleaning Tent That’s Moldy

If your tent is damp, it is likely to acquire molds along with a funky smell. So, for deep cleaning the tent that allowed mold and mildew growth, you will need a commercial enzyme cleaner. Next, according to the instruction on the cleaner bottle, you should soak the tent as long it is recommended. Otherwise, the cleaner will breakdown the waterproof polyurethane coating of the tent.

Cleaning Tent: Tips That Will Make Your Work Easier
Cleaning Tent: Tips That Will Make Your Work Easier

Giving Finishing Touch To The Tent

Once your tent is clean and completely dry, you should start evaluating the condition of its zippers, seams, and mesh. In case any area of the tent needs a repair, you must do it immediately before storing it for the next trip.

  • If you have ripped seams, patch it with a small sewing kit. After the sewing is complete, re-waterproof them with a tent sealing product.
  • Zippers may have any grit and residue, so scrub them with an old toothbrush. After removing the residues, lubricate the zipper teeth using a dry-zipper lubricant. In case there is a broken zipper, it must be replaced.
  • The damaged mesh needs patching or replacement. So, after evaluating the issue, you must act quickly before storing the tent properly.
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