Camping Tent Essentials You Need To Know

Camping Tents Essentials You Need To Know

If you think its tent quality is the only detrimental factor when it comes to long-lasting tents, you are wrong. Contradictory to what most people might think, the noticeable impact on your tent’s lifespan is not the tent quality but the way you use it. We look at the most habitual mistakes tent owners make and how to handle tents the correct way.

Camping Tents Essentials You Need To Know

Camping Tents Essentials You Need To Know

Add Years To Your Camping Tent With Proper Care Tips

Occasional Cleaning

Your tent is designed for outdoor use, and hence you don’t need to wash it after every trip. Your tent can withstand challenging conditions that include rain, storm, wind, or sunshine. So unless it’s dirty, you need not clean it frequently. However, if you have been camping in a desert area or your tent is exposed to fine dust you will have to clean the tent. If you use the tent regularly cleaning it once per season is sufficient.

How To Wash Your Tent

Always handwash your tent never use a washing machine. The machine can stretch the fabric or cause a tear while ruining the coating. Follow the standard maintenance guidelines like a bible. Once washed sundry the tent thoroughly and under no circumstances pack it when it’s still wet.

Don’t Use detergent

Wash you tent with lukewarm water you do not need a detergent to clean it. However, if you feel your tent is too messy do not use strong acidic detergent instead go for mild detergent. Stay away from any chemical solvents or softner; they will do more harm than good. A harsh cleanser can be harmful to the fabric as well as people. Do not use a brush on your tent. Scrub it with your hands or use a damp cloth to get rid of accumulated dust.

Regularly Clean The Tent Pole

The tent pole is comprised of a vacuum round rod that is connected with the internal elastic rope. Dust can quickly enter and damage the pole. Especially fine sand or dirt can quickly fill in the tent pole causing difficulty in installation and disassemble. If your tent is exposed to fine particles, wash the sediment with plain water and only pack when it’s scorched.

Camping Tents Essentials You Need To Know

Camping Tents Essentials You Need To Know

Fold It Carefully

The tent is effortless to install but difficult to fold. Especially if you have to wrap it in a compact bag. Ensure the tent lining and insides are free from dust, sand, stone, and trash. Carefully push the poles out of the sleeves. Stretch the corners and merge into two corners and gradually one fanning it on the ground. Fold the tent along the center line twice making the width double that of the tent bag size. Fold again to match the size of the bag. Press all the corners and sides throughout the length to expel all the air.

Store It In A Cool And Dry Place

Irrespective whether your tent is waterproof or regular fabric it should not be stored in a dark or humid location. This will encourage the growth of bacteria, damaging the cover, and impacting your health too.

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