Camping Lights: Facts And Features

Camping Lights: Facts And Features
Camping Lights: Facts And Features
Camping Lights: Facts And Features

While setting up a tent after sunset, one knows the importance of camping lights. While camping in a group, there is no fun having white lights surrounded you for dinner. An instant light ray is always needed while you are camping. A headlamp is suitable for every step, while you are moving without disturbing you from facing the night beauty. However, a good camping light, not only produces enough light but welcomes ambiance around the camp.  On a solo backpacking trip or a car camping trip with a group, you can utilize the perfect camping light as per our given favorite list.

Camping Lights: Features

Camping Lights: Facts And Features
Camping Lights: Facts And Features

Black Diamond Apollo

The Black Diamond Apollo camping light is battery operated and rechargeable. Without obscuring the view of the night stars, a frosted glove covers softer light with a range of 250 lumens provides ambient light in a confined space. Hanging the lantern or setting it directly on a hard surface, the collapsible leg of the Apollo camping light gives you the options.

Coleman Twin LED

For lighting large area at night, the Coleman Twin LED lantern is perfect. The camping lights radiates thirty-two feet in all direction, with 390 lumens at the highest setting. There are seven different settings of LED brightness, and the battery backup is for about 300 hours at the lowest. You can hang it in all type of weather, as it is water and weather resistance.

Goal Zero Lighthouse 400

Due to a lithium-Ion battery that recharges through a USB cable, the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 offers the array operated lantern without cost pf replacing the battery after some outgoings. The convenient feature is to turn on half the light from shining from your eyes and converse battery power.

Streamlight The Seige

Comparable with many other batteries of camping lights, The Seige Lanterns by Streamlight of 540 lumens is the most powerful battery. Only with three D-cell batteries, it includes a flashing red emergency light, four levels of brightness and hanging rings on both top and the bottom. The waterproofing model is also the least expensive.

Coleman Quad LED

Coleman Quad LED is of four led separate panels. All the panels can be removed to use as individuals. Keeping plenty of light to the campsite or while visiting the bathroom. With all panels attach, provides a view around the camp with 190 lumens.

Black Diamond Voyager Camping light

Frosted glove cover for gentle use and light diffusion are the features of the LED light. The light functions on four AA-cell batteries which are ideal for campers. The packed design, lightweight, and perfect size make it a choice for the campers.

Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry

You can fold the legs, remove and collapse the Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry. These are the features that the campers look for. The light can be used as a spotlight,  hanging dome-light or a lantern hang at any height.  With a button-free control panel, the torch comes with four individual color combinations. Adjustable from 30-150 lumens in either red or white, the LED light runs on three AAA-cell batteries.