Blake Shelton, Pitbull Collaborate on New Track ‘Get Ready’

“It’s got that big stadium feel to it,” Pitbull said of his and Blake Shelton’s latest track


On Monday, Pitbull and Blake Shelton released a behind the scenes look at their surprise collaboration together titled, “Get Ready” — their own rendition of Ram Jam’s 1977 hit “Black Betty,” which they officially dropped with a music video last week.

“I’m honored to be on the record with you, man,” Shelton, 43, tells Pitbull in the video.

In the new footage, the music video’s director, Gil Green, described the duo’s latest project as “uniting people from two different backgrounds to show that we all party and get down the same way.”

The music video for the countrified dance track jumps between Shelton’s home of Nashville, Tennessee, and the newly renovated Hard Rock Casino in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with both artists showing the other what it’s like to “get down” in their hometowns.

Blake Shelton

“Somewhere in the middle of the video, Pit says, ‘Let me show you how we do it in South Florida,’” Green describes. “And then we take it to the casino and the building lights up in a huge light show and it’s really spectacular.”

The unlikely duo was inspired to create the track after Pitbull, 39, happened to meet Shelton’s dog named Black Betty following a performance in Oregon.

“We were doing a show together in Pendleton, Oregon,” the rapper recalled. “We had a great time, the Crown [Royal] was amazing. Next thing you know I’m in the trailer, a little dog runs up on me. I go to pet the dog and I said, ‘Blake, what’s the dog’s name?’ and he said, ‘Black Betty.’”

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Blake Shelton, Pitbull Collaborate on New Track 'Get Ready'

“So it stayed in my mind,” Pitbull explained, “When I jumped on the plane, I told DJ Chino, I said ‘Hey, don’t we got a record called ‘Black Betty’ that we’ve been sitting on?’”

He continued, “And sure enough, he played it for me and we’re sitting on it from 2014, and now we’re shooting a video here in Nashville in 2020. Goes to show you, patience is a virtue.”

The collaboration is certainly a statement, with Pitbull likening it to “when Run-DMC and Aerosmith did ‘Walk This Way.’”

“It’s got that big stadium feel to it,” he said of the song and its accompanying music video.

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