Best Survival Gear for 2019 -

Best Survival Gear for 2019

Best Survival Gear Items For 2019

The concept behind a survival gear is to fill your bag with all the basic supplies and necessities you need in case of an emergency or a disaster. The truth is, we don’t usually have the time to gather all the items we want to take with us during an emergency. We are most likely to grab a bag and put everything that we see in it on a moment’s notice.

As a result, we end up stocking our bags with items that will not come in handy during emergency situations. What we need for these kinds of situations are pieces of gear that are durable, portable, versatile, and useful. The items in your survival gear must have functions that can save your life during emergency situations.

With that said, here is a list of the best survival gear items to help you go through any kind of emergency situation you may face this year.


You can’t have a complete survival gear if you don’t have the right backpack designed for it. Your backpack must be designed for wilderness and survival situations. It should also have plenty of storage space inside, pockets, and shoulder straps so you can have to room for more accessories. Aside from that, your backpack must be also durable and water resistant so it can survive in the harshest conditions and environment.


A multi-tool will be the handiest item you’ll need for any emergency or survival situations. As such, it is important to pick an easy-to-carry and lightweight multi-tool for your survival gear. It must also be durable and has an ergonomic design that will allow you to use it easily for different kinds of purposes.

First Aid Kit

One of the most essential items for your survival gear is a first aid kit. A complete first aid kit will be able to help treat wounds and even serious injuries. First aid kits are extremely handy during emergency and survival situations since these are the times where professional medical care is usually not available.

Fire Starter Kit

Best Survival Gear Items For 2019

Being able to start a fire also plays a critical part in your survival during emergency situations or calamities. If you want to survive for an extended periods of time, you should learn to create a fire. The problem is, it can be tough to start a fire especially if the conditions are not favorable for you. Fortunately, there are fire starter kits available on the market right now. They can help you create fire in any kind of environment. Most fire starter kits include waterproof lighters and matches that should allow you to easily create fire even in wet environments.

Two-Way Radio

Best Survival Gear Items For 2019
Best Survival Gear Items For 2019

Having a means of communication during emergency and survival situations is also critical. This is why you need to have a battery-powered two-way radio for your survival gear. You can still bring your cell phones and smartphones with you in an emergency situation. But the problem is, these things don’t usually get coverage during emergencies or when a disaster strikes. The best means of communication is a battery-powered two-way radio. It will allow you to communicate with other people even if you are stranded in a very remote place.

Water Filter

Best Survival Gear Items For 2019
Best Survival Gear Items For 2019

Finding safe drinking water during emergency and survival situations can be a serious challenge. Most of the water following a disaster or in the wilderness are not safe to drink.


Best Survival Gear Items For 2019

As far as basic necessities and supplies for survival and emergency situations go, the ones above are probably the most important items needed for your survival gear. Be sure to grab all these items and pack them in your backpack first before anything else. These items will come very handy in helping you survive in any kind of emergency situations or disasters.

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