Apartment Fire: 6 Steps To Make It Out Alive

Apartment Fire: 6 Steps To Make It Out Alive

The high rise apartment fire has become very frequent in recent years. In a report of the National Fire Protection Association, it is seen that the fire departments have got an average of 14.500 emergencies in the skyscrapers every year between 2009 and 2013. And in most situations, the bottom floors got affected. The lower levels of the building fire make it quite challenging to escape.

I am going to share some useful tips to increase the chances of coming out safely from this kind of situation if you ever get victimized.

Apartment Fire: 6 Steps To Make It Out Alive
Apartment Fire: 6 Steps To Make It Out Alive

First And Foremost, Don’t Panic In An Apartment Fire

Though it is tough to be cool in such a critical situation, believe me, this is the best way to take yourself and your family out of it. If you panic, you will be puzzled about what you should do then. It is high time to take the proper initiative for survival.

If any such emergency occurs, take a deep breath, judge the situation, and follow the steps below to increase the chance of coming out alive.

Close All The Doors And Windows

The fire grows in the presence of adequate oxygen. If the supply of oxygen reduces, it will burn out. So, evacuate and close all the doors and windows of the room where fire breaks out. It prevents the fire from spreading.

Inform The Fire Department About The Apartment Fire

Call the concerned department as soon as possible. Provide the exact location, building a name, floor number, and any other necessary details so that they can reach quickly to your place.

Cover Up All The Ventilators And Cracks

Along with the doors and windows, close all the ventilators and cracks in the affected room. Take blankets, towels, clothes, and wet them under cold running water. Then cover the outlets with these. It will keep the smoke out for a while.

Apartment Fire – Signal The Firefighters

After informing the fire department and sharing your location, you can signal them to trace the place even quicker. At night, you can use a flashlight, and during the daytime, you can use cloth and wave down with them from the window where the fire didn’t reach.

It will work as a warning sign to them.

Apartment Fire: 6 Steps To Make It Out Alive
Apartment Fire: 6 Steps To Make It Out Alive

Use Fire Escape Mask

As the fire grows, the smoke will also increase. It is the reason why you are told to crawl low. The smoke intake will be less if you stay low. It is better to use the fire escape mask as it will filter out the smoke. If you don’t have a mask, use wet cloth instead. It will cover your mouth and nose.

Avoid The Open Area

You should be away from the open area like a balcony as well as rooftop if you find yourself trapped. If the fire reaches there, it will spread very fast and get rescued will be very difficult.

 I hope these tips will help you to gain basic knowledge and you can chalk out a full-proof survival plan.

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