’90 Day’ ‘s Jenny Is ‘Sick of Compromising’ as She Tries to Convince Sumit to Move to America

“When I gave up everything to be with Sumit in India, I thought he would be my side,” Jenny confesses on the newest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

'90 Day' 's Jenny Is 'Sick of Compromising' as She Tries to Convince Sumit to Move to America

Jenny is reaching her breaking point on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Jenny, 63, and Sumit, 33, had different views on whether they should move from India to America during Sunday’s episode.

Fresh off of their honeymoon, Sumit was gearing up to start a new job as a chef at his friend’s cafe. He previously worked there before the COVID-19 pandemic and had been out of work for two years.

“We came back from our honeymoon a few days ago,” he said. “I’m not interested at all in living a retired lifestyle like Jenny. She feels like she’s getting social security and that’s good enough money for her. But I want to do more.”

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'90 Day' 's Jenny Is 'Sick of Compromising' as She Tries to Convince Sumit to Move to America

He later told Jenny he was excited about returning to work so that he could “do what I wanna do.”

“Do what you wanna do? Why, you don’t like spending time here with me?” she asked.

Sumit clarified that “working and making money is also important.” He later explained in a confessional interview that he hoped to “make more money so we can live a good life here in India and forget about going to America.”

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Expressing concern about Sumit’s work life, Jenny asked if he planned working six days a week. When he explained that working weekend was the norm in his industry, she asked, “Can you find a different business to get into then, besides food business?”

Sumit responded, “Personally this is what I like to do, and it’s what I’m doing.”

Jenny made it clear she was not thrilled about Sumit returning to work, telling cameras, “But I don’t want him to be so bored with me that he wants to leave me now. But what can I do? I can’t make him stay home with me all day, even if he wanted to.”

Before leaving for his new gig, Sumit encouraged Jenny to go out grocery shopping by herself, which made her very reluctant.

“Even though I’ve lived here for three years, it’s intimidating for me as a white woman to be out by myself, trying to go to the market, being stared at a lot,”she says of living in India. “I hope Sumit doesn’t expect me to do this every day, because I can’t do that.”

After an awkward exchange with a merchant at a local farmer’s market where Jenny refused to pay 1,000 rupees ($15 USD) for vegetables, she confessed to cameras, “When I gave up everything to be with Sumit in India, I thought he would be my side.”

The Palm Springs, California, native added, “Honestly, if this is what Sumit wants our lives to be like I’d rather be home in America with friends and family where I’m comfortable. I would definitely feel less helpless.”

“If we go back to America, I won’t feel so all alone,” she continued. “Maybe it’s time for Sumit to make some compromises because I’m sick of being the one that does all the compromising.”

'90 Day' 's Jenny Is 'Sick of Compromising' as She Tries to Convince Sumit to Move to America

While at work later in the episode, Sumit opened up to his friend Rohit about his life with Jenny. Rohit advised Sumit to give “all you have” to the job, which Sumit was hesitant about because of Jenny.

Rohit told Sumit he’d been compromising for Jenny for the past few years and asked Sumit what he really wanted.

Referencing a conversation he and Jenny previously had — when she noted his parents’ refusal to accept their relationship — Sumit said, “There’s an option that we should go to America.”

Rohit reminded Sumit that his life is in India and asked Sumit if he would want to leave his parents and move to America.

“No, actually,” Sumit admitted. “I cannot just even think about it. There’s no way I can go and ship to America and live a peaceful life without thinking about my parents.”

He then confessed, “Another thing which is stopping me from going to America is like, maybe in [the] future I might [want] to have kids.”

He said that his parents have been concerned he’ll never have children with Jenny because of her age, but he remained open to adoption or surrogacy.

“I’m not sure whether Jenny wants to have kids or not,” Sumit acknowledged. “Because we didn’t have any conversation regarding this ever.”

Rohit urged Sumit to speak to Jenny about not wanting to move to America.

“I don’t want to go to America,” Sumit said in a confessional interview. “I know my life is here. We are living a better life here. The most important thing, I feel like if I go to America then I’m gonna lose my family for good. I’ll lose my friends … I’ll lose a life that I wanted.”

'90 Day' 's Jenny Is 'Sick of Compromising' as She Tries to Convince Sumit to Move to America

Back at home, Sumit and Jenny discussed his first day and her solo journey at the market.

He revealed to Jenny that Rohit wanted him at work every day, and Jenny laughed before trying to confirm that Sumit “told him no” — but Sumit noted in a confessional interview that his position as partner in the restaurant required him to be “more dedicated.”

“After being with Jenny for almost two years all the time, it will be better for our relationship if we spend some time separate,” he said. “A little independence is a must in life.”

After Sumit told Jenny that Rohit said she should be more comfortable with living in India after being there for a few years, Jenny said she was concerned Sumit and Rohit would not be working all the time but instead go out partying.

“Since we got married Sumit’s interested in different things,” Jenny said later in a confessional. “He wants to go to work, he wants to take sex karma sutra classes, now he wants to hang out with his friends and party. I mean, what’s next?”

She added that these moments magnify their age difference.

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Sumit later said that since getting married, his social life had been “very limited” and that getting a job would improve that.

“When I’m at work I think Jenny will get a lot of time to work on her basic duties for a housewife because I can’t do everything,” he said.

Jenny asked him, “You’re gonna have boys’ nights out, you’re gonna go visit your parents. Where does Jenny come in in all of this?”

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90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC and discovery+.

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