9/11 Survivors Stories Reflecting Miraculous Escape


Almost two decades ago, the United States experienced an immense tragedy. On 11 Sep 2001, there was a terrorist attack on the country. A large number of people killed and injured in this attack. It also damaged too much property in the country. However, some people managed to survive during this 9/11 attack. In this article, we are going to describe the miraculous escapes of the 9/11 survivors’ stories at South Tower. Hence, you must read this post very attentively until the end.

9/11 Survivors Stories Reflecting Miraculous Escape
9/11 Survivors Stories Reflecting Miraculous Escape
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9/11 Survivor Stories

On that day, Stanley Praimnath was at his office. His office was in the South Tower.  He suddenly noticed an airplane flying near the Statue of Liberty. It became larger and larger in each moment. It was a hijacked Flight that was heading to the tower. Then, it smashed the tower nearly 130 feet above his office. The ceiling collapsed, and everything around him converted into flames.

He began praying to Lord for help. Then, a stranger came to help him. His name was Brian Clark, who helped him to escape from the tower. Only four people escaped from that impact zone. Praimnath became one of them. After a long time, both are still best friends. Furthermore, Clark and Praimnath call themselves as the blood brothers.

The Praimnath was yelling for help. Clark heard his sound and followed in the smoke using a flashlight. Then, he convinced Praimnath to jump over destroyed sheetrock. Later, Clark rubbed his bleeding hand with Praimnath’s right hand. Clark told him that he had no siblings. He would be glad to have him as a blood brother.

9/11 Survivors Stories Reflecting Miraculous Escape
9/11 Survivors Stories Reflecting Miraculous Escape

South Tower Incident

On 9/11, the North Tower was already hit. However, there was an announcement that South Tower was safe. Clark walked to the restroom in another region of the building. Praimnath just reached his desk at that time. The time was around 9:02 a.m. when Flight 175 smashed the building. If Brain Clark was in the office at that time, he would have died.

When this event happened, many workers headed to the stairway. It was full of smoke. These people went down and forward towards fresh air. However, Clark heard Praimnath’s cries and decided to go down.

Then, the two men headed down. They recalled that on the 45th floor, they saw a security guard helping a man with a broken back. Praimnath said that these men were the real heroes. It takes around 4 minutes for both of them to get out of the tower. They both said that they are happy to be alive. However, they also felt sad for the people who lost their precious life in this attack.

Now, the flashlight and Praimnath’s shoes are on display of the 9/11 memorial museum. The luck of both of them helped them to escape and saved their lives. If Clark hadn’t heard of his cries, then both of them might be no more like their colleagues. He also said that gratitude is not enough to thank god for saving them.

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