6 Survival Essentials For Emergency Situations

6 Survival Essentials For Emergency Situations

You’ll never know when an emergency situation or a natural disaster comes. This is why it is so important to stock up in survival essentials.

So, to help you prepare for an emergency or natural disasters, we have listed below the survival essentials that you’ll need once you find yourself in this kind of situations. The list includes the 7 must-have essentials that should ensure your survival in any kind of survival situation.


Water is the most important survival essentials you need to prepare. You’ll need plenty of it so you can have something to drink. Water is also needed for cooking your food and for hygiene purposes as well.

We suggest that you stock up at least 3 gallons of water for every person per day. You can either get them from your tap or buy them directly from the store. You may also want to stock up on emergency water pouches as they can last for up to 5 years. They are pretty ideal for emergency situations.


Your survival kit should include at least 3 days of worth of non-perishable food. Be sure to stock up on food items that have a long shelf life or expiration dates. You may also want to store protein bars or frozen dried foods. Canned goods are also ideal here as they make for easy food during survival situations.


Injuries are pretty common during emergency situations. What’s worse is that doctors and hospitals are inaccessible during these times. This is why you need to prepare an emergency medical and first aid supplies as well. Stock up on antibiotic ointments, disinfectants, bandages, sterile gauze pads, cold packs, thermometer, adhesive tape rolls, cotton rolls, and prescription medicines. This way you’ll be able to treat minor injuries during emergency situations.

Shelter & Warmth

While you can your house or office as shelter during emergency situations, it’s still important to learn to create a shelter on your own. The easiest way to create a shelter is to use a tent. There are compact and lightweight tents that are sold in local stores. These tents can come in handy especially if your house is inaccessible during an emergency situation.

As for warmth, you may want to store a sleeping bag, some thermal blankets or vinyl tarps as ground cover for your makeshift shelter.

Lighting & Communication

A battery-powered radio comes in handy during emergency situations. It can give you emergency local information and weather broadcasts so you’ll be always-in-the-know of what’s happening around you. Having a phone with you is also important. It’ll allow you to connect with your family or call for help.

Flashlights, candles, lanterns, lighters, and matches are also ideal for survival situations. They can give you light especially during blackouts which are pretty common in emergency situations or natural disasters.

Survival Gear

Survival gear is also necessary during emergency situations. They come pretty handy for ensuring your survival during emergency situations. Stocking up on items such as a compass, multi-tool, multi-function knife, pry bar, dust masks, plastic sheets, portable stove, and a good amount of fuel will come very useful when they are needed.

Final Thoughts

It’s also good to carry some extra cash, extra clothing, and a local map with you. Extra cash might come in handy especially if you’re going to have some expenses during survival situations. A local map, on the other hand, will help you find your way if you somehow find lose your way. So, these are the 6 survival essentials that you must have with you if you want to survive any kind of emergency situations or natural disasters that may come your way.

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