5 Ways To Eat Acorns For Survival

5 Ways To Eat Acorns For Survival

Many people in this world are not aware of the fact that they can eat acorns for survival. Yes, this statement will surely take you by surprise, but it is true. Whoa! Can you even imagine that something that you were crushing under your foot all these years is a valuable edible? But there is a definite way of consuming them. You need to process them at the very first stage, and then there are five different ways in which you can have this ubiquitous and humble tree nut.

5 Ways To Eat Acorns For Survival
5 Ways To Eat Acorns For Survival

Eat Acorns In Roasted Form

One easy way of having acorns for survival is by roasting them. Place the nuts on a baking sheet and toast them for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes at 375 degrees. Do not forget to add a little salt. You can even roast them in frying pans over campfires.

Your roasted acorns will be ready to eat once you find their color changing. Have them in the same way as you have peanuts.

Eat Acorns In Bread Form

For this, you will have to dry leached acorns. Once you find that the acorns are rock-hard and dry and something between soft and wet, grind them in a food processor, blender or grain mill. Air-dry the resulting product for some hours or in an oven for a few minutes. Once you are done, grind the meal once again.

You can use this flour for baking bread and for making other baked varieties. You can even blend the acorn flour with wheat flour for soft and spongy bread. Since acorn is naturally crumbly, you can use the flour as it is.

Acorn Brittle

People who love sweet dishes can follow a small and straightforward brittle recipe for consuming acorns. Peanut brittle is quite popular, and you can use the same method for making acorn brittle. Replace the peanuts with acorns. You can even add more acorns for making the snack more nutritious.

How About Having Acorn Coffee?

Acorn does not contain caffeine, and therefore having it in coffee form might not seem attractive to avid beverage lovers. However, you have the option of roasting coffee substitutes from acorns, and this can be quite pleasant to drink. Roast the acorns completely or until they start smelling like burned.

Add roasted acorns to water and steep for a minimum of ten minutes. Now add your coffee additives and enjoy the drink.

5 Ways To Eat Acorns For Survival
5 Ways To Eat Acorns For Survival

Acorn Cookies

You can use acorn flour to make cookies. You have the option of following almost any cookie recipe while swapping wheat flour for acorn flour. Mix baking soda, acorn flour, and salt in a container and set aside. Now mix peanut butter and softened butter in another bowl. Add sugars and vanillas to your butter mix. Next, add eggs and try stirring the flour blend into the butter mix until it turns smooth.

You need to roll the entire dough into small balls. Place these balls on a baking pan and bake for 10 minutes at 375 degrees.

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