5 Best Outdoor Survival Tips And Tricks

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If you are fond of the outdoors, you probably know how to survive outside. However, there are times when some emergency arises and you end up in a difficult situation just because you didn’t prepare for it in the first place. This is why it’s said that the more survival ways you know, the better it will be. Here are some of our best survival tips and tricks you should be aware of:

Starting & Maintaining Fire During Rains

It is quite tricky to start and maintain a fire in wet surroundings. To help initiate the fire, make sure not to form a pit as it will fill up with water. If you want to start the fire and also sustain it, use dry wood. Assemble some pine leaves and use them alongside wood to maintain the fire in wet conditions. If you are using leaves and branches, split the branches before using them. Further, make the fire lay in the form of a cone rather than scattering it. You can also use cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly and use them to burn for a long time. These are the most beneficial survival tips and tricks to consider!

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5 Best Outdoor Survival Tips And Tricks

Learning Body Insulation

Outdoor survival in cold weather becomes easy when you know how to insulate your body. If you feel excessive cold and don’t have enough clothes or can’t start a fire, stuff leaves and grass under the clothes you are wearing. You can also use newspapers to retain subtle heat in your body.

Purifying Water

It’s hard to find pure water outdoors. So, carry a mini water filter or a bottle fitted with a filter along with you. Alternatively, always keep charcoal in your survival kit. Charcoal purifies water and also improves the taste. Also, if the water is boiled but stinks, you can use charcoal to remove bad odor. You can even use heated rocks to purify water. Emerge the heated rocks in aluminum water cans and consume the water once it starts boiling. Water purification tablets also do well when it comes to purifying the water.

Making Food 

Making food outdoors doesn’t feel less than a chore. However, you can still enjoy making food with careful planning and execution. Most perishable food items easily catch bacteria and rot. So, it is important to choose foodstuff carefully. Never take cooked or prepared food items along with you. If you want to eat them, take a small refrigerator along. Store items such as salads, meat, dairy products, etc. in the fridge and take them out only when you want to eat them. You can also use ice packs instead of the fridge.

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5 Best Outdoor Survival Tips And Tricks

Also, use clean utensils to cook, serve, and store food. Make sure to cook food at an appropriate temperature. It is a wise idea to cook food away from your campsite. The food can attract wild animals which can be eventually dangerous for you. So, process the food items at a place that’s a subtle distance away from the camp.

Building The Shelter

If you are not carrying a tent or sleeping bag with you, you need to build a shelter to stay protected. Build a shelter of the size that’s slightly more than your body. Use branches of trees to construct the framework in an ‘A-shape’. You can then add sides and eventually fit the gaps with small branches. Don’t forget to insulate the shelter with pine leaves, bark, moss, etc. These insulation materials will also act as a sleeping bag. Never make a shelter on the top of hills, damp ground, or bottom of a constricted valley.

Use these survival tips and tricks to stay safe and comfortable outdoors!

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