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Without a survival kit, your life will surely be in danger if you somehow get stranded in the wilderness. It’s important to be fully prepared and equipped especially if you dare to venture out in the wilderness. Having a survival kit that is full of supplies you need in case of a disaster or an emergency is of utmost importance.

But how will you be able to bring with you your survival kit? Most people often struggle to bring with them their kit because they don’t have proper storage for it. This is where 24Seven comes in. 24Seven is an easy-to-carry backpack that will store and protect your survival kit wherever you go.

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Features Of The 24Seven BackPack

24Seven – A Backpack Designed To Protect Your Survival Kit
24Seven – A Backpack Designed To Protect Your Survival Kit

You can easily store your survival kit inside the 24Seven backpack especially during emergency situations. The modular design of the 24Seven backpack allows you to easily store all the supplies in your survival kit. It even comes with its own integrated survival kit that includes first aid supplies, a blanket, an air mask, a water filter, and a couple of waterproof matches.

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  • Doppcard – The Doppcard is where you can store your toiletries. It features two waterproof pouches where you can separate your toiletries inside and organize them properly.
  • Camera card – The Camera card is a padded carrier that’s designed to protect your precious photography equipment. It is made from foam panels that allow you to separate and organize your cameras and other electronics inside.
  • Techcard – The Tech card is for your laptops and other portable devices including their accessories inside the bag.
  • Travelcard – The Travelcard is the part of the bag where you can organize your clothes. It has enough space for you to fit in your folded shirts, pants, underwear, socks, and other forms of clothing. It has plenty of space for you to fit in 2-3 days worth of clothes.
  • Day card – The purpose of the Day card is for you to store your wet and dry clothes.
  • Petcard – The Petcard is the perfect place for all the supplies your pet will need when you’re on the go. This compartment has enough size for you to store a water bowl, a food bag, and other supplies that your pet will need. It also has its own survival kit for your pet which includes a waste bag, a leash, a dog toy, and a blanket.

How 24Seven Can Protect Your Survival Kit

24Seven – A Backpack Designed To Protect Your Survival Kit
24Seven – A Backpack Designed To Protect Your Survival Kit

The 24Seven is made from high-quality materials. Add in the waterproof zipper and a clam-shell design, we are looking at a backpack that will withstand all types of damage that outdoors may bring. This means that your survival kit will be extremely safe and sound inside the bag wherever you go.

The card system also transforms the 24Seven into an everyday backpack depending on what you need from it. If you want to go outdoors or simply go to your office, the 24Seven will always serve its purpose. This is the ultimate solution to protect all your gear wherever you go.


24Seven – A Backpack Designed To Protect Your Survival Kit
24Seven – A Backpack Designed To Protect Your Survival Kit

What makes it unique from its competition is its modular card design that allows you to easily organize and access anything inside the bag.

The 24Seven backpack is also not only for outdoors. It is a multi-purpose backpack that will serve you wherever you go. Whether it’s going to the gym, school, office, public places, or deep in the jungle, the 24Seven backpack will protect everything you store inside it. We highly recommend it for everyone who is always on the go!

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