19 Great Fixed-Blade Knives For Tactical Self Defense

19 Great Fixed-Blade Knives For Tactical Self Defence

Fixed-blade knives come with their exclusive functionalities and qualities. They serve a crucial position when it comes to survival. The larger ones are a perfect fit for vehicles and bug out bags.

On the other hand, you can wear the smaller varieties easily in the form of neck knives. Others make perfect boot knives. Below you will find a roundup of good quality self-defense knives.

19 Great Fixed-Blade Knives For Tactical Self Defence
19 Great Fixed-Blade Knives For Tactical Self Defence

Fixed-Blade Knives: Sog Seal Pup Elite

The SOG Seal Pup Elite is a long-lasting knife available in medium size. Yet another feature of this knife is its exclusive sharpness.

Fixed-Blade Knives: CRKT Ultima

You will find this knife in Michael Martinez’s design. It features modern technology and is made of stainless steel.

Ontario Ranger Kerambit EOD

This American-manufactured knife comes from the Ontario Knife Company, and it speaks of fearsome reputation and fantastic appearance.

Ontario RD 6

The ones who are fond of large knives will find the Ontario RD 6 attractive and useful. It is a solid product made of top quality steel.

Buck Intrepid-L

This good quality tactical blade from Buck Knives has a specific design for durability.


It is another American-manufactured fixed-blade knife coming from the house of Buck Knives. It was initially designed to serve as a Rescue and Combat Search tool.

Browning’s Black Label Backlash

The Black Label Backlash can be used in the form of a good boot knife. You can also fix it to backpacks during adventure travels.

Fixed-Blade Knives – Schrade SCHF14

This knife offers top quality within an affordable range. Its glare-free and mottled finish makes it appear durable and attractive.

Smith & Wesson HRT12B

Use this boot knife for concealed defense. It is an ultra-slim product with a push-button locking system.

Gerber Guardian Back-Up

It is a single-edged knife featuring a partially jagged blade and Tanto point.

Puma SGB SP Drop Pakkawood

If you are in the lookout of a lightweight fixed-blade knife, then the Puma SGB SP Drop Pakkawood would be the right choice for you.

Fixed-Blade Knives – Boker Plus Mosier

One of the best things about this product is its carefully milled and handsome two-tone handle.

19 Great Fixed-Blade Knives For Tactical Self Defence
19 Great Fixed-Blade Knives For Tactical Self Defence

KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement

This drop-point blade is made of stainless steel and features black powder coating.

BLACKHAWK! Nightedge

The Blackhawk Nightedge is an exclusive fixed-blade knife with a reinforced point offering good penetration and tip strength.

HK Conspiracy

This durable knife features an oversized handle that offers an aggressive grip.

Fixed-Blade Knives – HK Snody Instigator

It is the lightest and the slimmest fixed-blade knife available in the market at present.

Spyderco Street Bowie

This classic knife has been made using contemporary materials. It is the perfect choice for individuals looking for personal defense products.

Spyderco Street Beat

The Spyderco Street Beat is a more refined and smaller version of Spyderco Street Bowie. It speaks of longevity and beauty.

Fixed-Blade Knives – Spyderco Pygmy Warrior

It is a stunning warrior knife featuring a curved blade. This knife is shock resistant and hard.

These are the ultimate products you will find in the category of fixed-blade knives. They are worth a purchase!

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