How To Stay Safe During A Tornado

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Learning to stay safe in a tornado is essential especially if your area is prone to it. Cyclones bring massive destruction on everything that is on its path.

The tornado season of 2016 in the United States alone was responsible for the deaths of 18 people and leaving other 325 individuals injured. The damage to infrastructure and properties that year amounted to more than $183 million.

Authorities and experts alike are recommending that the public should take even the threat or possibility of a tornado seriously. Tornadoes can easily blow trees, houses, street signs, and even cars away. Your safety during a storm is not entirely guaranteed.

There are some safety precautions though that’ll help you increase your chances in surviving a tornado.

Be Prepared

How To Stay Safe During A Tornado

How To Stay Safe During A Tornado

The only way to ensure your survival and safety during a tornado is to be fully prepared for it in advance. Here are the things you need to prepare in advance:

  • tornado emergency plan for the family
  • fresh batteries
  • battery-operated radio
  • cellular phone, smartphone or any other internet-enabled device
  • an emergency kit which includes water and food supply and medication

Make sure that your family understands what a tornado is especially your children. Educate them about the warning signs of a storm and what must be done in the event of one.

Be Updated With The Latest Weather Conditions

How To Stay Safe During A Tornado

How To Stay Safe During A Tornado

Staying updated with the latest weather conditions plays an important part in staying safe in a tornado. One of the warning signs of a tornado is the changing weather conditions that happen before it, thunderstorms, in particular.

If thunderstorms are expected in your area, stay tuned to the TV weather stations or your local radio for further development about the weather condition. It’s important to note that some tornadoes can strike so quickly before the authorities issue a warning signal.

Here are warning signs of a tornado that you should be aware of:

  • a dark-colored sky filled with dark clouds
  • massive low-lying cloud
  • large hail
  • you can hear roars from the sky

If you notice any of these warning signs, evacuate or find shelter immediately. Stay in your tent for a while until the tornado is gone. Stay tuned to the local radio or TV weather stations for updates about the tornado.

Know Where To Find Shelter

How To Stay Safe During A Tornado

How To Stay Safe During A Tornado

The most common cause of death during a tornado is the falling and flying debris blown away by the super strong winds. This is why it is essential to find a shelter to stay safe in a tornado. Here are the ideal shelters you can use during a tornado.

  • Go to your basement if you have one. If none, go the lowest floor of your house and take shelter in your bathroom or closet.
  • Avoid taking shelter near the windows.
  • Avoid staying in a trailer or a mobile home.

If you are caught outside during a tornado, find the nearest building and take shelter on its basement. If you are inside a car, drive to the nearest building you can see and take refuge in it. Don’t even attempt to outrun a tornado with your car because you’ll only be just carried away by its violent winds.

It’s tough to predict the strength of tornado as it can only be measured once it touches the ground. This is why it’s essential to be always tuned in to the local weather information. Prepare your family and your home in advance in the event of a tornado. Designate a shelter wherein you and your family can take cover and stay safe during a tornado. By following the tips above, we can guarantee you that you and your family will be completely safe during a tornado.

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